Finding Focus

What are we really about? If you own a business or professional practice it is easy to drift off course. In the course of the day you will answer 100 emails, put out dozens of proverbial (I hope) fires, referee management disagreements, hire new employees, review the performance of good marginal ones, fire bad ones, … Continue reading Finding Focus


Keep Track of Your Total Net Worth

The "Life Balance Sheet" is an Essential Tool for Your Wealth Planning Business and professional practice owners know they cannot effectively run their company without understanding its financial position. In the same way, when it comes to making a comprehensive wealth plan, they also need a framework to assess their overall financial status. A … Continue reading Keep Track of Your Total Net Worth

Case Study – Family Business Succession

Transferring a family-owned business to a new generation of leaders can be difficult. Once the process begins, there is no telling what may - or may not - be found with each discovery creating another challenge. Situation The company was a leading specialty contractor in the state of Hawaii, doing business on each of its … Continue reading Case Study – Family Business Succession

Case Study: Financial Advisory Firm

What happens when a professional service firm outgrows its current structure? Confusion. "Choke-points." Chaotic Service. High Costs. In order to continue to grow the organizational model and internal processes had to change. Service: Change Management and Growth Client: Large Independent Financial Advisory Firm  Situation: The firm had experienced rapid growth and had an annual revenue of … Continue reading Case Study: Financial Advisory Firm